Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For when surf is small.

A new ride for spring time

So Star Trek killed me. I'm pretty sure I aged like 5 years in 6 months of working on it.  I'm finally back shaping and glassing, it feels good. I decided to shape myself a board I've always wanted. A noserider type, but with a piggish outline.  Main thing I hate about noseriders is that they seem so slow, and they all have way too wide of a nose. I guess that's what makes them a noserider... 

So here's my take on it.  It's all lammed up, gotta hot coat it/ sand then put some color on it.  Playing with fin templates as well.  Stoked to test it out next week!

Summer is almost here. BBQ time!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe's Custom

Joe's board is coming to life.


Modern pig template, exaggerated pin tail, low hull entry, low rocker and classic V out the tail.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pig Luau 2012 @ San-O

The 2nd annual Pig Luau at San-O. This was such an awesome time. It had all the ingredients for a guaranteed great time, surfing various pig(ish) boards, beer, new friends, and ofcourse a freshly cooked, whole pig on a wire bedframe. I missed the campsite and walked straight down to the beach on trail 4. I automatically saw Johnny suiting up with a handful of others. I did a quick scan and realized I was about to head out into a surf session with some surf legends which included Gene Cooper, KP, and one of my heroes Brian Hilbers. It was so bizarre. It was also the maiden voyage of my self made "doldrums" pig I made. I caught enough waves to realized it caught waves great, and turned on a dime, but I need to play with fin placement and even fin replacement to really dial it in here at Porto. I met Mateo Plummer who I later found out was Casanova in Invasion from Planet C! YES! My board almost took his head off when I lost grip of it on a close out, then he almost returned the favor! Saw one of my old Gato's sitting on the beach randomly. Felt weird, wanted to grab it and say "hey! that's mine!" Awesome time. You missed out if you weren't there.